How we charge:

We charge mostly by volume below you will see the pricing chart. Please note some jobs might cost more depending on degree of difficulty including several story buildings, stairs, elevators.. etc.

Volume Based Pricing for our
Junk Removal Service


$185 for ¼ of a trailer load – about 1 pickup truck load

$285 for ½ of a trailer load – about 2 pickup truck loads

$385 for ¾ of a trailer load – about 3 pickup truck loads

$485 for full trailer load – about 4 pickup truck loads


Demolition Specific Prices:

​​Deck Removal: $3.50/square foot, includes demolition and haul off. Minimum $400. 4×4 concrete posts can be dug out at additional charge, or cut at base for no additional fee.​

Shed Removal: $450 and up, jobs will have to be quoted in person. Less for smaller or metal sheds.

​Wooden Playset Removal: Typical childrens wooden playsets can be removed for $350.

​Hot Tub Removal: Typical above ground hot tub can be removed for $425. Hot tubs must be disconnected from the electric.

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